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Friday, February 11, 2011

Are Your Client Centered?

Many salespeople have been taught language such as, I’m trying to build my business and I need your help. There is nothing wrong with this approach; however, there is a more effective approach. A client center approach has little to do with you building your business, and everything to do with the value you provide to your clients and their willingness to bring that value to others. It’s about your clients helping other people through the products and/or services you sell.

A client-centered approach will bring you three things: First, you’re likely to feel more comfortable using a client-centered approach, so you’ll actually use it. Second, your clients will feel more comfortable with your request, so you’ll get more participation. And third, you’ll get better connections to your new prospects clients. When clients identify one or more people they want to help through the work you do, they will become more involved in making sure you get connected to their friends or colleagues. With a client-centered approach, you’ll get more referrals and better connections to your new prospects. Of course, better connections to prospects will yield more new clients, and if you wish to call consumers in their homes, you must get connected (introduced) in order to be effective.


If I were talking with someone who might be a great prospect for your business, how would I know it, and how would you like to be introduced to that person?

What one sentence would you like people to use in describing the way you do business?

What have you found to be the best ways to promote your business?

What separates your company/business from your competition? (This will allow folks to brag, or it will serve them by getting them to think about this important question. By the way, make sure you have an up-to-date answer.)

What is the strangest or funniest experience you’ve had in your business?

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