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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Do You Know Who Your Target Market Is?

If you can't specifically and succinctly answer this question, then your opportunity of receiving referrals will be significantly reduced. Give more than just general details. Get specific. If you say you'd like to do business with small to medium sized companies, that doesn't tell your networking partners much. But if you were to say "I'd like to do business with companies that are small to medium sized, with 5 employees up to 100 employees, who are in a service type industry, (not product driven or a manufacturer), such as printing companies, banks, CPA firms, insurance agencies, doctor's offices, etc. I generally work with the owner, the manager or the marketing director of these companies." That statement gives a lot more information on the type of referrals you'd like to receive. If you tell your networking partners what you want, chances are you will get it. If you tell nothing specific to your networking partners about what you want, chances are that you'll get that too!

Kelli C. Holmes

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