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Monday, February 21, 2011

Speaker Roundtable Top 10 Tips - Pt 1

The following list of ten characteristics is a valuable guide
for quality living in addition to being critical criteria for leadership.

1. A high standard of personal ethics leads the list.

Honest Abe Lincoln, who walked miles to return a customer's change,
is a classic example of how personal ethics are reflected in
professional conduct. Decisions made under pressure and/or
temptation separate the great ones from the impostors.

2. High energy.

Great leaders are not exhausted by dealing with petty issues.
These people know right from wrong as well as the difference between
what's truly important and what's merely interesting.

3. The ability to work priorities shares equal importance with setting priorities.

Many brilliant priority lists end up in the landfill of life. The difference
between setting priorities and working them through is the difference
between a dreamer and a doer.

Danny Cox

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