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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

How to Network Effectively at an Event

By Kelli C. Holmes, Founder

1. Mix, Mingle, Meet
• Don’t sit only with those you know! Meet new people!
• Sit with only ONE person you know and make new connections with the others!

2. Set Goals for the Event
• Meet 10 new people
• Meet 2 new Power Partners

3. Know What You Want to Say
• Spend 5 Minutes on your 1 Minute! Perfect your pitch!
• Know what you want to ask your new contacts!

4. Have Your Business Cards With You
• Other Marketing Materials Too!
• Ask for cards from your new potential networking partners
• Bring your TEAM Spirit!

5. Schedule Follow Up Time
• If you don’t actually follow up, you might as well never have met them!
• Send a card, email, or make a call
• Schedule a time to meet again in person for a “Coaching Session”