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Friday, February 25, 2011

Speaker Roundtable Top 10 Tips - Pt 3

7. Great leaders have the goal orientation to make tough decisions.

Goal orientation produces a drive and energy that shield us from
the pain of the task. Keeping an organization focused increases efficiency.

8. Inspired enthusiasm is like the pilot light on the oven.

Genuine enthusiasm is contagious. People look to their leaders for enthusiasm.
The inspiration level of the organization is directly proportionate to the enthusiasm
of the leader--be it high or low.

9. Level-headed people make realistic leaders who respond to problems rather than
simply react.

A leader who can stay cool under pressure inspires confidence among
Those in the organization and empowers them to do the same.

10. The desire to help others succeed is the mark of a truly great leader.

Synergy is created when a leader truly invests his or her efforts in the
success of others. Zig Ziglar says it like this, "People don't care how
much you know until they know how much you care about them."

Whether you're trying to increase your own effectiveness as a leader or are trying to develop leadership talent within your organization, keep studying the characteristics of those you consider to be great leaders.

Remember that leadership is an art, not a science and the difference between a genuinely effective leader and a short-
term motivator can be found in the personal decisions an individual makes when choosing how to live his or her life.
Long-term commitment to the principles described above will produce an effective leader and, over time, an inspired

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