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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Set Your Referral Partner Up for Success - The Do's

by Sam Blyveis
These may seem common sense, but should still be noted, as complacency will spoil a good referral every time!
  • Give good leads. Note the decision makers or the contacts they’ll need to contact.
  • -Give your partner details on the company or individual they are to deal with. Let them know if this person has a dry sense of humor, has a soft spot for something special, is rude, etc… Preparing them is a courtesy and will likely raise their chance of winning the business. REMEMBER, 1 REEFERRAL THAT LEADS TO A DEAL WON IS WORTH FAR MORE THAN NUMEROUS UN-WON REFERRALS!
  • If at all possible, contact the partner while you are right there with the referral. This demonstrates the degree to which you are tied to this partner and establishes instant credibility!
  • Answer your phone!!! When a referral partner calls, answer the phone! If they are calling to shoot the breeze, and you are busy, let them know you’ll call them back. Many referrals that go stagnant could be won if that call had been answered while the partner had the customer on point and open to the issue that was causing them pain. Once the partner leaves, the prospect is going to move on and get rid of their pain, even if it means leaving it unresolved.

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