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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Taking Your TEAM Membership to the Next Level

by Rayleen Kerr

One of the best ways to take your TEAM membership to the next level is through “Coaching Sessions”. Unfortunately, I think Coaching Sessions are one of the most "'underutilized" tools available to TEAM members to help them market their businesses within TEAM!

How do you do Coaching Sessions?

1. Create a Coaching Sessions Target list. I always recommend you start with your “Power Partners” first and go on from there. You should be consistently meeting with members regularly. By the time you have had a coaching session with every member in your chapter it will be time to do another one because your goals are constantly changing!
2. Meet one–on-one for coffee, lunch, or dinner outside of your TEAM meeting. If phone calls are easier for you, great! They can be literally 15 to 20 minute phone calls. Skyping is even an option, whatever works best for you and your calendar. Once you have mastered doing Coaching Sessions in your chapter I would even recommend utilizing them with clients, Power Partners and other business professionals outside of your TEAM Chapter.
3. Set goals on how many Coaching Sessions you would like to do in a certain time frame. Start small if you need to and build from there. If it’s one to two in a week - great, whatever you think you can handle.
4. Set goals within the Coaching Sessions themselves. Share with your Coaching Session partners what goals you have set for your business and how they can help you to reach them. If a clear picture is presented on how you can help each other, the results should be more referrals for one another!

Why do you do Coaching Sessions?

1. Coaching Sessions is an opportunity to have one-on-one time with a member of your chapter. This is important because you now have their undivided attention. Remember during your chapter meeting if you are in a group of twenty then their attention gets divided up between those twenty people and also that is not really the opportunity to brainstorm one-on-one on how you can help each other reach your goals. Having your Coaching Session partners undivided attention will definitely help when talking about your business and hearing about theirs!

2. Educating the members of your chapter outside of your weekly TEAM meeting will help you to get to know them and their goals even quicker. The more time you put in to strengthening your relationships with them will typically yields better results. Remember they are your sales force, it’s up to you how educated about your business they are!

3. Networking on a regular basis or between your weekly meetings does not come easily for most, the task is easy but getting out of your comfort zone is not. Coaching Sessions are a great way to teach you that you should be thinking about your TEAM Members and how you can generate referrals for them all week long not just at the your weekly meeting!

The Results?

The Results from doing Coaching Sessions regularly are simple, the Information that we need to refer each other business is current and fresh in our minds. It also results in better stronger relationships in less time! The results, more referrals!!

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