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Monday, September 19, 2011

The Missing Ingredient in Networking Marketing, Part 1

by: Al Hanzal

When clients come to me asking how to improve their networking marketing efforts, I start by asking them, “What have you been doing with network marketing?”

They will often tell me, “I seem to be doing the right things with my networking marketing. But it is not producing the quantity and the type of referrals I want.

“I prepare my weekly commercials before I come to the meeting. My attendance at meetings is good.”

“I seem to have lots of credibility with the other members of my group. They like me. I take time to get to know the other members both personally and professionally.”

“I give others in the group referrals because I believe in the giver’s gain mentality.”

“I take on extra responsibilities for the group and often help with various organizational tasks that need to be done.”

“A few of the people in the group used my products and services. They give me glowing testimonials about my business. But these have not stimulated additional referrals from the group.”

“When I do get referrals from others in the group, they are very cold leads. I follow up on the names I receive but they feel just like a cold call.”

“What am I doing wrong? How can I make my network marketing more effective?”

The Missing Ingredient

The qualities they talk about, credibility, a giver’s gain mentality, preparation, extra participation in the group are important qualities for networking success. There is one more quality, the missing ingredient to powerful networking success--the ability to teach your network partners who you want to serve with your business and how you want those networking partners to connect you with their referrals.

You can call this missing ingredient “teaching” or you can call it “training” your sales force. Here’s the beauty of this missing ingredient. Because it is a skill, it is something you can learn and master. It is something within your control. When you employ this skill in your business, it will accomplish all of the results promised by network marketing. You will get more customers, better customers, and more loyal customers. You will get customers at a fraction of the cost of other marketing and advertising efforts.

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