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Thursday, August 11, 2011

How Many of You have Attended a Networking Event?

Would everyone agree – Networking is an important part of marketing your business?

Networking is an important component of your Marketing Plan

TEAM does lots of networking

We actually engage and participate in network events

We participate in BIG events, small events

We get great leads from these events

How many of you come home with a nice big stack of business cards from the event you attend? Cards from people you made a connection with at the event

What do you do with the stacks of cards?

Do you: follow up with everyone?

Call? Email? Set appointments?

If only we were all so good! If you are like me… you put that stack next to your computer with every intention of reaching out to these contacts. But somehow LIFE gets in the way… and that stack starts staring at you, guilting you to death. I usually move many to the back of my laptop so I don’t have to see them!

Although networking is important, I am here today to talk to you about Relationship markets. We know we need to created relationships to make those connections produce results that will grow our business. But it just doesn’t always get done.

Let me ask you a question…of the hundreds and hundreds of cards we get at these big networking events – how many of those contacts do you think have a sincere desire and interest to help me grow my business?

Zero. None. They have no relationship with me. They have no reason to care about helping me. It is not until we have a ‘relationship’ that we can expect to get business!

That is why it is far more effective to have meaningful business relationships with a dozen, 15 or 20 key business professionals than to worry about hundreds of people we meet at events. We can’t possibly have a real meaningful business relationship with hundreds.

Think about all the really great relationships in your life. Spouse. Best Friends. Family. Did they happen overnight? Are they easy and effortless?

Real business relationships, that are mutually beneficial and get you results are what true “relationship marketing” is about.

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