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Thursday, August 4, 2011

10 Tips on Suceess in your Referral Group

You have joined a referral group. Here are some tips, on how to make this a very successful investment in YOUR business!

1) Follow through on your commitment to show up every week. If you make the meeting a priority, it tells the other member's that you are committed to the group.
2) Get to know everyone outside of the meeting. The better you know each other, the faster the relationships will grow as the confidence and trust are strengthened.
3) Really LISTEN to what other members in the group are looking for. Be really mindful of keeping your eyes/ears open while you're out in your world.
4) Be VERY specific in stating what YOU are looking for. The clearer you are, the chances improve 10 fold that someone will run into what you're asking for.
5) Be involved with your local chamber and support your community.
6) Build your base of connections by attending an event/mixer at least once a week.
7) Always be on the look out, for people that could benefit from visiting your chapter. You never know until you ask.
8) Always come in with a positive attitude.
9) Step up into a leadership position. You will learn skills that will truly help you in your business life.
10) Become a center of influence.

I hope you've had a powerful week. Enjoy your weekend!

"When it comes to life the critical thing is whether you take things for granted or take them with gratitude."
~Gilbert Keith Chesterton

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