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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Quick Tips for No Marketing Time

Tip #1 Action follows thought.

You get precious few contacts with a prospective client, or even
with a current client. Decide in your heart, mind, and body that
responding to their inquiries is the lifeblood of your business,
not an interruption to be squeezed in where you can find a spare
moment. The key here is in the decision. Action follows thought
so think of your prospective clients as honored guests in your
home and let your desire to make them feel welcome lead the way.

Tip #2 Streamline your client communications.

Systems rule. If you are the creative type, then you actually have
an advantage. Create a system that is absolutely effortless for you
to follow. Innovate, streamline, then repeat your system over again.
Every client, every time. How effortless can you make responding
to a prospective client inquiry?
How can you use a page on your web site, a Virtual Assistant, a
pre-written email response, to eliminate all action except pushing
a button? A creative 1/2 hour designing your own rapid-response
system will free up boatloads of your time, energy, and effort.

Tip #3 Give the gift of 21 minutes.

I bet that in 21 minutes, you can answer all your client inquiries,
send out packets, return calls, whatever activities are vital and
integral to follow-up with new business. 21 minutes isn't much time.
Do it first thing in the day and you'll yield huge results. Need a
boost to make the 21 minute commitment? See Tip #1

Now it's your turn!

Kendall Summerhawk

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