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Monday, May 6, 2013

Recruiting and Molding Leaders

4/09/2013 @ 7:36AM 

"A product or service is only as good as the individual people behind the solution. A firm’s most substantial asset comes into the office every morning and leaves every evening"

All companies will face setbacks, but it’s those who mold leaders that will be successful and that are going to endure the downs and fully take advantage of the ups. Leadership should resonate throughout any great company and that leadership begins with you.
While hiring the right managers will put your organization on the right track, the long-lasting, most successful organizations build leaders, show the good how to become great and, ultimately create an environment conducive to confidence, competitiveness and company dedication.
This can start today and here are 4 ways to do so:

1. Allow for creativityLeaders are optimists that are consistently looking for better processes and who are not afraid to take risks. Leaders are creative; they have a multitude of ways to reach the desired goals and when your firm allows implementation and open collaboration regarding these processes, you’ll begin to see significant growth amongst your employees.

2. Have a core vision and relentlessly pursue it – The best companies serve a purpose. They stand for something and the employees embrace these visionary ideologies.
Specifically, they preach innovation, integrity, respect for individual initiative, tolerance for honest mistakes, product quality and reliability, reward based on merit and continuous improvement.

3. Let the employees know where they stand, recognize success and confront failure – Where positive reinforcement is due, provide your team with that positive energy. Where improvement is needed, voice those concerns. Give constant feedback and differentiate amongst your top performers and laggers.
Leadership is built on differentiation. For employees to grow, they need to know where they stand and they need an authentic, visionary boss to constantly provide feedback…both positive and negative.

4. Teach resilience – Every leader makes mistakes; every leader trips and falls. The question is whether you can motivate the individuals to regroup and get going again with a renewed energy. Resilience doesn’t happen overnight nor is it present in average organizations.
Rather, great companies take the time to mold employees who can lose an account, get their confidence shaken, but then get right back on track. Never giving up is best done by example, not words.
In the end Surround yourself with people better, faster and more intelligent than you. Hire the right employees and, from day one begin to grow them on both a personal and professional basis. It takes no additional money and is the best use of your time as the true leader of your company.

Ken Sundheim, Contributor
"I live, write and love sales, marketing, recruiting and small biz."

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