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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Helpful tips to owning your calendar

Time is valuable and how we invest it can mean all the difference in the world. Here are a few tips to help you get the important things done in your life.


·        The value of owning your Calendar.

  •  What are your big rocks? Your big rocks are the most important things in your life. It could be your Faith, family, friends, business, education, vacations, or just time to yourself.
  • Balance personal & professional – Finding that balance is difficult to do if you don’t plan in advance to make time for the things you deem important in your life. Too much of one and not enough of the other can keep us off balance.
  • Tools – Your tool box; discipline & commitment. We can calendar all day long, but if we continue to push things out, moves things forward or just let them dropped off, the consequences can be far reaching.
  • Measured results – reflection is one way to measure how you invest your time. Here’s an exercise, take a few minutes and review your calendar from last month. Identify your (5) rocks in your life. Were you able to invest time in each one of them?
  • Distractions – They are part of life. There are some we can control, and some we can’t. This is usually the moment where we either abandon our calendars or add more in. In either case, we have now surrendered to our calendar owing us. Know when to say no to the busy distractions and be ready for those emergencies we must address.

·        How can you master your calendar?

Develop a system. Once you have determined what will go on your calendar, set up a system in which you populate your calendar in advance with your “rocks”. You can fill in your day to day activities around your rocks. The end goal here is to protect the important rocks in your life. It’s amazing that when done this way, your important things get done, you have much better balance in your life, and your promise made and promise kept is still intact. Bottom line, you truly own your calendar, it does not own you.

Mark Barragan, CEO Coach – "Our mission is to lead our small to medium sized business clients to a greater success. Our method is to bring about behavior modification through training, coaching, and monitoring to affect change. We advance our mission by serving as the business example for our clients"

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