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Thursday, July 26, 2012

How to do a Great 10 Minute Presentation

by Kelli C. Holmes

One of the key benefits of your membership in TEAM is your opportunity as a "featured speaker". This is "Prime Time", you are in the spotlight! Use this time to it's  maximum potential. 

Here are some tips to try the next time you are the featured speaker:
- GET VISUAL! The more "things" and "stuff" you have that SHOW your "sales team" what your
business is about, the better the information is retained.
- GIVE EXAMPLES. Paint a picture of who your 3 best clients are, what you do for them, where
you found them and why they continue to do business with you. Give your networking

partners this information and they will refer more "best clients" to you! 
- LEAVE TIME FOR Q and A. This is invaluable for our "knowledge factor" on your business.
Don't forget- please use the TEAM Presentation, Speaker Introduction, and the Speaker Questionnaire worksheets!

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