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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Some Tips on How to Build Business Relationships

By Neha Joshi

Networking is the best way to build business relationships that last. Proper and efficient networking does not only help you gain valuable contacts but also helps in expanding your business. References can take you places and every businessman knows this. Business relationships are not to be built with clients but also with customers. Social networking was done at parties and functions in the old times. Today, the social networking websites have taken us a step further with both, wider reach and wider approach. Networking helps in increasing one to one communication, that saves times.

Another way of increasing your business relationships effectively is to be accessible and easily reachable. Being easily reachable will help you gain faith and trust of other businesses and clients. Someone who is not available at most times will lose out on a lot of business. Remember, that the world never waits for you. It moves on, every single second. At times when you are not reachable, someone else is and he will benefit with all the profits. There is a reason competition exists. Like it has advantages, it also has its disadvantages. Easy reach will also mean that the customers don't have to go out of the way to get in touch with you.

Visibility is another way of increasing your business relationships. Let's see how this works. Just like we look for contacts, others too look for them. This is when you come in the picture. If you are not visible in the market, you will be missed. You will lose out on a large portion of business that is available. Indirectly, you will also lose out on the references and the networking. Networking and marketing will help you in increasing your visibility. The importance of communication is not understood till you see the benefits you can gain from it. Communicating shows that you are there and people can get back to you in case of problems.

Show You Care
Keep birthday records of all your clients and their anniversaries too. Send them a card every year as a token of appreciation, and if possible offer them a discount on those days. Many leading brands and stores follow this policy. You partially retain customer loyalty and also give customers a feeling that they are valued. Memberships are another way of building business relationships that benefit both the client and the businessmen. Make sure that your staff is well trained in customer operations and dealing with grievances. Make sure you always show concern towards employees, clients and customers.

Solve Problems Immediately
This is perhaps the most important point while learning how to build business relationships. Business relationships are to be maintained not only with other business entrepreneurs but also with the clients and the customers. Making your customer care operations effective and fast will help you gain the trust of clients. Clients who are not heard out with their complaints will stop using your products and services and this will be a double loss. You will lose business and also help the competitor make profit. Solving problems and grievances on time will give you the reputation of a business that is efficient.

Now that you know these tips, you can use them effectively to maintain good relationships with fellow businessmen and clients. It is very crucial that you preserve these business relationships. The market is vast, and co-existing is the key to success and survival. Customer retention is one of the most important aspects of any business and this cannot be done without building business relationships.

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