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Friday, July 15, 2011

Google Slowly Rolling out Google+

Google is rolling out their new social network Google+ to only a select group of people such as Google insiders, technology geeks, social media stars and journalists . From what I've heard and read it's off to a good start. But do we need another social tool, and will everyone jump on board?

The central components of Google+ are Circles, Sparks, Hangouts, Instant Upload, Huddle and Mobile. Let's look at each one:

Circles: This is a group management tool, similar to Facebook's List feature, but probably more effective. You can create your own circle of friends, family, colleagues and others so that you can share what you want with whom you want. If you share content with your Book Club circle, for instance, then your Runners Club won't be able to read it. This feature should help people to share more because they can choose who sees what and want to keep their personal lives separate from their business.

Sparks: Sparks is a recommendation feature where you can share your favorite restaurants, museums, movies, events, etc. with people having the same interest as you. Once you create your interest lists, Google will even recommend links and content to you.

Hangouts: This feature is a multi-person video chat service. You can create open chat rooms where members of your Circle can stop by and "hangout".

Instant Uploads: Capture pictures and video with your Android or iPhone and upload directly to Google+.
Huddle: Think of Huddle as a group messaging service. Create temporary groups so you can plan gatherings and meetings without all the text messaging and calling that you'd normally do when you try to gather a group of friends or colleagues together.

Mobile: Geo-location based, this feature will display results of what stores, restaurants, etc, are in your area. It also allows you to check-in while you're on the go, and see where your friends are. Use the Huddle feature and gather your friends on the spot. Right now, the Mobile feature can only be used as an Android app, but the app for the iPhone is coming soon.

Is there room in our lives for another social network? Can Google convince Facebook and Twitter users to make the switch? Opinions vary. Some say that Google+ will only be a big hit with the tech geeks and social media gurus. Robert Scoble, self-proclaimed tech geek and early adopter of Google+, says that most "average users" are locked into Facebook and probably won't consider a new social tool - or at least not until they hear from their friends about the glories of Google+.

Another opinion from Chris Voss, Social Media Leader and serial entrepreneur, believes that it will be easier than both Facebook and Twitter. It's a cleaner user friendly layout, and it is integrated with your Google G-mail. Watch his video:

What about Facebook? Will Zuckerberg react and duplicate Google+'s best features? Rumor has it that Facebook has already called a press conference. What's up their sleeves is anybody's guess.

As for me, I did sign up for a peek at Google+. I'm curious, and geeky enough to want to give it a try.

Eydie Stumpf

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