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Thursday, July 21, 2011

10 Twitter Tips for Bloggers

So it looks like 2009 is going to be the year of twitter.

#1 Update Your Twitter Profile

Under settings you can add a url, make sure this link is your blog address. This means that when you get new followers and they view your profile they’ll have a direct link to your blog.

#2 Twitter is the new RSS

When you visit any established blog you will see the orange RSS feed in the top right hand corner. Now most people won’t check their RSS feed everyday, but most twitter users will, hence I think twitter will be the new RSS. At the moment a standard button for twitter hasn’t been established, but you should be adding an image next to the RSS link that points to your twitter page.

#3 Follow The Leaders In Your Industry

When you first start out you’ll probably know a few people you want to follow, but it’s quite daunting to figure out who the movers & shakers are in the Twitersvere. If you Follow MrTweet you will be given a list of people who you should be following. If you’ve posted a few updates and a good bio then some of these people will follow you back, so let the networking begin.

#4 Install TweetDeck

Once you install this software onto your computer it opens up a whole new twitter experience.

When someone your following updates it will ping and let you know someone has tweeted. It allows you instantly reply to updates, and it will monitor for anyone who replies to one of your tweets. No more frantically refreshing the homepage to get that twitterfix!

#5 The TweetMyBlog Plugin

This nifty plugin allows me to have my twitterfeed in the sidebar of my blog.

It will also automatically update my twitter account everytime I make a new post, and if you have established good relationships then you should see instant traffic.

#6 The Sociable Plugin

Once installed this plugin makes it easy for readers to share your content. Be sure to tick the “TweetThis” function so that people can tweet about your blog post in seconds. Providing you produce good Pillar Content the amount of extra traffic could be huge.

#7 Use Search To Get Found

Have you seen people post updates with a #nerdpickuplines or similar? If you use the search function then you will this is a way of trending and picking out what is popular. By tweeting about popular topics not only will you have topics to chat about at the watercooler but you’re being part of the community, which will bring more traffic back to your blog.

#8 Use ViralTweets instead of E-mail Capture

The thinking about offering a free report in exchange for your readers email is that you can follow-up and email them about new blog posts. Whilst email lists are fantastic the chances of ytour reader telling all their friends about the free report are pretty slim. If you study the offer on my sidebar you’ll see that anyone who tweets the message automatically follows me, and posts a link to my main website – long term much more valuable than an individual address.

#9 Be Yourself

Twitter is a big social network that works on the basis of “What Are You Doing?”

If all you’re doing is blasting adverts over the twitter network then you’re not going to make any friends, and you’re wasting your time. Conversly if you use it a “Micro Blogging” site and post things that aren’t worth whole blog posts it will work fantastically well for you, and help establish a relationship with the readers of your blog.

#10 The Power Of The Retweet

This final point is probably the most important for traffic generation.

When someone you’re following posts a link to a blog post and you like the content you go to tweetdeck and hit the little arrow button. This automatically retweets the link to the content, and shows your followers you’ve found an article you think they would like to read. By retweeting great content you will gain the respect of your followers, and get on the radar of the person who wrote the content.

Finally if do write a hot topic article then be sure to make sure to tell people that you want it retweeted.

Happy Tweeting


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