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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

4 Biggest Social Media Mistakes

Let's kick your Social Networking results up a notch! BAM! Just a quick is Social Networking working for your business?

If you answered...

UM....I think pretty good. OR

I am not really doing anything with Social Networking. OR

Working for my business? Say what? OR

I have friends online. OR

Not really sure.

You have a HUGE goldmine waiting for you. The biggest challenge I see in Social Networking is that business professionals are making some SERIOUS mistakes and actually MISSING out on new leads, referrals and clients.

As always, I love to be part of the solution. I am GIVING you a no charge, completely complimentary Social Networking training where I will share with you the 4 biggest Social Networking mistakes and how to fix them. will walk away with information you can instantly use.

Here is the first couple of keys to make this work for your business:

1. You have to show up. Sorry....I will not be offering a replay of this because lets face it - if this is really important to you right now, you will make this happen.

2. You have to implement instantly. How many times do we go to seminar after seminar after seminar after seminar (you get my point) and do absolutely nothing. We have a feel good period that generates very little for our business. So this will be different. I will give you ACTION ITEMS that you can instantly implement. WOO WHO!

I guarantee this will be some of the best time you invest in your business. I want you to generate more results right now with what you are doing in Social Networking?

Haven't started or still trying to figure out if you need Social Networking.....then this is the right webinar for you!!

Please join me Thursday, July 28th 12-1:30 PACIFIC Time. Is this short notice...not really. What I have found is that most business professionals sign up for webinars and then forget they did that and then miss the webinar thinking they can just watch a replay and then never do. Sound familiar?

I am going to invite you to take action now....if you want to create different results in your business then start doing things differently.

I am so excited for you to be part of this.

I look forward to seeing you on Thursday.

Big hugs,

Sabrina Gibson

PS The great thing is if you don't find the webinar helpful, you can continue doing what you are doing in Social Networking and generating the same results you are now.

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