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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Why are some goals never reached? Is there a "secret" known to some and not to others? There may not be a secret, but there is a system that can make meeting your goals much more of a sure thing.

Clarity of purpose.- For a dream to become a goal, it must be specific. "Lose weight this year" is very different from "Lose 20 pounds by my birthday." Be clear.

Commitment.- Once your goal is clear, emotionally commit to achieving it. Don't "settle" for less than you want.

Talk about it.- Talking about your goals makes them real and powerful. It allows people to help you reach your goal and support you along the way. Remember, what you talk about - you bring about.

Write it down.- This is one of the oldest, simplest and most powerful techniques for achieving any goal. Think about and reread your goal every day. Post it on your bathroom mirror or in your car, where you'll see it frequently.

Have a plan.- Create a map for getting there, and put dates on it. Don't see your goal as one big step. Break it down into small steps you'll take to reach it. Then focus on one step at a time.

Review, and recommit, often. Never be afraid to review your goals, evaluate whether you are still 100% committed to them, and recommit to achieving them. If your priorities have changed, change your goals accordingly, and be honest about it.

Celebrate each milestone. When you get discouraged or have doubts, your record of past successes will quickly get you back on track. Celebrate each and every milestone on your path to victory!

Remember the proverb: A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Wishing you a great journey in 2011!

Mark Allenbach- a mortgage consultant from San Diego.

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