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Thursday, August 27, 2009



Make your One Minute Business Commercial ROCK!
• Vow to spend 5 minutes on your one minute each week!
• Get very specific. Think “my referral request for this week is…”

Commit to be at every TEAM meeting (or have a representative there)
• Out of sight is out of mind!
• Being casual about your TEAM attendance commitment implies you are casual in
all of your business commitments.

Attend all TEAM events (and TEAM Sponsored Events)
• Local, regional and organizational wide events are offered all the time!
• Take advantage of these knowledge expanding networking opportunities.
• Commit to your Personal/Professional Growth by Educating Yourself this Year!

Do an AWESOME TEAM presentation when it’s your turn to speak!
• Prepare a “knock your socks off” presentation to show your stuff.
• Answer the question… “Why should you refer me?”

Do Coaching Sessions
• Make a plan to meet one on one with every member of your TEAM.
• Organize your notes from these meetings to be more effective in referring.

Expand your “Power Partners” opportunity in TEAM
• See who is missing from your “Center of Influence”.
• Ask your fellow TEAM members to help you invite these key professionals.

Put all Relationship Marketing Goals in Writing!
• Set specific measurable goals
• Base your goals on personal performance/skills and knowledge to be acquired.
• Keep yourself in control over the achievement of your goals

When you are thinking about how to achieve goals, ask yourself the following questions…
• What skills do I need?
• What information/knowledge do I need?
• What help do I need?
• What resources do I need?
• Is there a better way of doing things?

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